(EHC) Nourishing Skin Cream

By IronStride

(EHC) Nourishing Skin Cream

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Nourishing Skin Cream 100 mg

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4 reviews for (EHC) Nourishing Skin Cream

  1. Ash

    Highly allergic to a lot of skin products, but this cream calmed my skin instead of making it inflamed. I had never used any skin products with CBD in it before and someone said I should give it a try. I am just so thrilled to finally find something that doesn’t make my skin react, and I have tried everything!!!! I have no problem with price at all I think it is very reasonable, because this cream is worth it.

  2. Ashlyn

    Will be purchasing more! I bought this product to help my eczema, I get it on my face which makes me really self-conscious. I hate feeling like I can’t go in public some days because it just looks horrible, especially when the air is cold/dry. But this stuff has made it almost go away completely! Not only that but it smells really good too. highly recommend trying it!

  3. Samantha

    I use this moisturizer every morning after I wash my face and it is so moisturizing! It’s not too heavy and not too light so it’s perfect for all seasons and all skin types. I struggle with really dry skin during the cold seasons and this moisturizer improves the entire look of my face when I’m out. I will be buying more of their skin care products because this one is great!

  4. Casey

    Well worth a try! I bought this stuff to see if it would help with my acne breakouts and it actually surprised me how well it worked! I have to admit I was skeptical at first but finally caved and I’m glad I did! I get bad breakouts if I eat certain foods or around my period and its helped tremendously! My skin really feels better overall and I don’t break out nearly as bad as I used to!

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