Charcoal face mask

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Charcoal face mask

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250 mg. CBD Charcoal Mask

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Weight 8.2 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 2 in

2 reviews for Charcoal face mask

  1. Natasha L.

    For me the thought of a charcoal mask was not very appealing, but I was so curios to try it and see what all the hype was about. I noticed they had this face mask one for sale on a Facebook post so I ordered one, and it came to my house within 2 days. IT is so amazing, my skin feels extra exfoliated, and it has such a healthy glow. I’m going to tell all of my friends about it, and probably give some as birthday gifts too because it’s for a really good price.

  2. Cianna

    I absolutely love this charcoal mask! I use a lot of skin care products with charcoal in them because it’s really good for acne and dark spots so I gave this one a try. It has improved the look and texture of my skin. It gives you a cooling sensation when you leave it on and after rinsing, your skin feels very clean. I use this face mask twice a week followed by a moisturizer and serum. It has turmeric as an ingredient and it’s good for redness and gives your skin a glow.

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