CBD & CBN 1200MG Vanilla Tincture

By IronStride

CBD & CBN 1200MG Vanilla Tincture

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4 reviews for CBD & CBN 1200MG Vanilla Tincture

  1. Damian

    CBD/CBN tinctures are great for insomnia. I have problems falling and even staying asleep sometimes and this has helped me so much. I wake up more refreshed while melatonin kinda gave me a groggy feeling in the mornings. I switched to CBN because it’s very natural and won’t give you any side effects. Will be purchasing more.

  2. Jenny

    If you have problems sleeping you have got to try this stuff! I was at the point where I was willing to try just about anything just to get some actually restful sleep and this stuff has definitely done the trick! Sleep issues are so draining not only physically but also mentally and I was completely miserable. Melatonin gives me insane nightmares and also you can become reliant on it so that was off the table for me. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner! It’s such a relief to get a good nights sleep. I feel so much better all around. Definitely recommend!

  3. Destiny

    This is my second time buying this tincture and i’m so amazed on how much my sleep and anxiety has improved. I work long hours as a bartender and I am so used to staying up late and sometimes it’s hard to get a good night’s rest. Not only does it help me sleep better but i’ve noticed it has helped a lot with cramps when it’s that time of the month. Will not stop purchasing anytime soon!

  4. Jen E.

    It’s the vanilla and coconut for me! This tincture is a good night sleep in a bottle! For somebody like me who’s mind does not shut off sometimes at night, this sweet dreams tincture is really a night savor and dream come true. Love love love how it tastes, and the fact that it calms my mind. Also that I do not wake up feeling groggy in the morning after I take it. Normally 1 dropper does the trick, and on some nights, I use 2 droppers. You really can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep. Definitely worth it!

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