Chicken Flavored Pet Tincture

By IronStride

Chicken Flavored Pet Tincture

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4 reviews for Chicken Flavored Pet Tincture

  1. Brenda

    LOVE! this stuff is perfect for my hyper-active German Shepherd. I exercise him everyday as much as I can but he’s just always is full of energy and I think maybe a little anxious. I figured I’d give this CBD stuff a shot and see how it went, well it worked! he actually is calm after I give it to him, so mom can finally relax a little! It will also be great for when we take him on trips so he’ll be calm in the car ride! will be purchasing again!

  2. Makayla

    I have a young great dane at home that has been having pains on his back from playing on the hard floors so much. The 600mg CBD tincture is perfect for him and he has been less hesitant to play again! I think this tincture is making the pain go away which is amazing. He also struggles with separation anxiety when I leave the house without him. So glad this is working for him.

  3. Joe B.

    I went with the 600mg chicken tincture. I wanted something healthier, and I have a bigger dog, so this was a good choice for my dog, because he has a lot of arthritis. I can tell such a difference in his mood when he takes his CBD. Im so glad I found something to help him be in less pain, feel more comfortable, and improve his later years. Thanks Exotic Hemp Co for including pet products in your line. We also love coming in to see Goose.

  4. Angie

    love this stuff! I have an elderly Dachshund who struggles with joint pain and it makes her not want to be quite as active as she should, which makes me so sad. I hate seeing her in pain. One of the workers suggested trying out the CBD tincture for her pain and inflammation and it has made such a big difference! She actually gets excited to go for walks again and is a lot more playful! I can’t stand seeing her hurt like that so this has been absolutely wonderful. I will absolutely keep buying, I want to give my baby the best years possible in her old age.

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