NC CANA Cinnamon Broad Spectrum Tincture

By IronStride

NC CANA Cinnamon Broad Spectrum Tincture

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600mg, 600mg NC CANA Cinnamon Broad Spectrum Tincture, 1200mg, 1200mg NC CANA Cinnamon Broad Spectrum Tincture, 2400mg, 2400mg NC CANA Cinnamon Broad Spectrum Tincture

3 reviews for NC CANA Cinnamon Broad Spectrum Tincture

  1. Bruce W.

    Really like the idea of buying this from a local NC business, and that its NC hemp too. I just wanted something with zero THC in it that would help me with nerves and anxiety through the day, that could be taken at work or while driving. Nicole was really sweet and helpful when she pointed me towards the broad spectrum CBD. I did not know there were multiple types of CBD. I thought it was all THC free. Actually bought both flavors, the cinnamon, and the peppermint since I couldn’t decide which one I would like better.

  2. Sophia

    I bought the 2400 tincture to help with my stress and anxiety especially being in school and working. I get extremely overwhelmed and needed a good tincture to alleviate my stress and let me tell you, this stuff works! I’m calmer and I stopped having crazy mood swings and breakdowns due to the amount of stress that I have at times. This is a broad spectrum so it contains 0% THC which I am glad that they came with this option! Been using it for a week now and I feel like a different human being lol! 100% recommend.

  3. Julie

    I bought this for my teenage son who struggles a lot with anxiety and panic attacks. I like that they have the broad spectrum option since it’s for my kid I’d rather not give him one with any THC in it. I have to say it has really helped him come out of his shell and I can tell he’s a lot more comfortable out in a social setting now. It just tears me up inside to see him struggle like that, so this has been such a huge relief for him and me. He takes it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. His panic attacks have decreased significantly and he doesn’t completely dread going out in public the way he used to! I highly recommend this product if you have any kind of anxiety problem, it has been so so good for me and my kid!

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