EHC Goose’s Pup Butter

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EHC Goose’s Pup Butter

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4 reviews for EHC Goose’s Pup Butter

  1. GIl R.

    Goose’s pup butter is the best for our wild child Dixie. She loves the original recipe flavors, and it has been a great help with chilling her out. This dog is one of the most energetic dogs I have ever seen, and although we love her dearly, sometimes we need her to be calm, especially when we have family gatherings. We give her a spoonful before people come over, so she doesn’t jump or bark too much. Plus, we like to take her on outings with us and don’t want her accidentally knocking anyone down going in for a hug. Looking forward to trying some of their other pet products soon, especially the steak bites and jerky.

  2. Sara

    My poor dog was having a bit of an issue and needed to have her anal glands expressed. She gets really nervous at the Vet so I wanted to get something to help calm her especially for a trip to the Vet for that. I got this peanut butter and gave her some, about and hour or so before we left the house. She was cool as a cucumber at the Vet. Took it like a real champ. This stuff works!

  3. Gabby

    I was excited when I first saw this product on the website because what dog doesn’t love peanut butter!? My pup is a rescue dog so he is usually pretty anxious but especially when we go on trips. This peanut butter made him more relaxed when we went on a long drive to my dad’s house. He didn’t need much so I’m sure this will last a very long time. Can’t wait to buy more.

  4. Brittany

    I have a Golden named Lola that gets super anxious during thunder storms, fireworks and stuff like that, and recently we’ve been doing some remodeling on our house so there has been some loud banging and a lot of commotion going on. I knew she was going to be scared and anxious so I got some of this CBD peanut butter to try out and she absolutely loves it! It has helped her anxiety so much, so now I don’t feel terrible about wanting to remodel our bathroom, lol. It calmed her right down that first time I tried it, so now I give it to her a few minutes ahead of time if I know there’s work that’s going to be done. It is amazing! It’s especially good if you have a pup that doesn’t like “medicine” or is a really picky eater. Love love love! Lola approves!

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